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TARGIT partners with 300+ companies throughout the world.

These partners either resell the TARGIT software or recommend it as part of their practice. 
Resellers have different industry competencies and understandings of various source systems. 
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We work together

Our partners are an extension of TARGIT. They understand the value that analytics will bring to your business. They engage with TARGIT users every day. And they learn from implementations, see best practice use of our solutions, and send feedback to the TARGIT teams. TARGIT partners are the pulse of the business, for the benefit of the users. 

All partners are certified through TARGIT University to meet the TARGIT quality standards for undertaking services related to a Business Intelligence project.

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Different partners for different needs

TARGIT partner

TARGIT Resellers

Resell TARGIT software for different verticals, implement solutions, and support customers.

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OEM Partners

Embed TARGIT  into their own software applications, making analytics easier for their customers.

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Alliance Partners

Share TARGIT’s passion
for Business Intelligence
and recommend solutions
to others

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Tech Partners

Provide solutions that complement TARGIT to streamline development and performance.

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