TARGIT Helper Components

Published by: TARGIT
Version: 213
Release Date: julho 02, 2019


Installation contains various components that each perform a specific data processing task 


TARGIT Period Table Task

Used for creating time/periodic (SQL Server) tables based on fixed range or table date input and outputs a wide range of standard or user defined time values, e.g. date, months, years, quarters etc. 

TARGIT Consistency check task

Used for processing data to maintain consistency in database column values and table relations by updating table columns and building simple 1:1 table relations. On execution, the task will automatically decide the processing order necessary to ensure consistency of the entire table schema 

TARGIT Enumeration task

Used for creating and maintaining simple (SQL Server) lookup tables with key values and corresponding texts 

TARGIT Data Reader for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Native databases

Used for reading data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Native (C/FRONT) databases using the CODBC/NODBC driver 

TARGIT Simple Excel Data Reader

Used for reading data from Excel - one file, one sheet. Does not require any drivers and works for both 32 and 64 bit systems without additional software 


SQL Server 2005 Edition
SQL Server 2008/2008R2 Edition
SQL Server 2012 Edition
SQL Server 2014 Edition
SQL Server 2016 Edition
SQL Server 2017 Edition

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