TARGIT Translations

Published by: TARGIT
Release Date: agosto 24, 2015


TARGIT Translations may be used as a stand alone distributable app for translating metadata in TARGIT. The tool is very similar to the translation features in TARGIT Management except for a few notable differences: This tool is distributable and may be sent with the translation files to translators. This tool also has the option of using specific languages as translation reference – the database language is no longer a strict reference.


  • A PC running Windows Vista or later
  • The translations made with this app may be used in all versions of TARGIT later than build 4380.


  • Load translation files in the wizard
  • Select an ‘Edit’ and ‘Display’ language from the Language menu
  • Start translating
  • Save the file
  • If multiple Metadata.xml files have been translated they may be merged by selecting this option in the wizard and selecting all translated files.

Important notice!

Strings are not fetched from any back-end – they are read from the MetaData.xml file. If the all languages only contains a subset of all strings in the data sources, only that subset is available for translation.

Clicking the small question mark in the upper right corner of the app displays help menu items. Clicking the ‘Shortcuts’ menu item displays all of the shortcuts that are available while translating. They may save you a lot of time.


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