Business Intelligence para Serviços de Resíduos e Reciclagem

Não há nada simples sobre serviços de resíduos e reciclagem. O desafio é mensurar e monitorar de forma eficiente e eficaz a complexidade de materiais, serviços, equipamentos e contratos com apenas uma solução. Obtenha total visibilidade de todo o fluxo com o TARGIT para serviços de Resíduos e Reciclagem e otimize melhor o seu negócio. 


The future of waste and recycling services for manufacturing

Becoming a truly data-driven organizations means having the power to optimize everything. And we mean everything. Today, most manufacturing companies aren’t doing anything with their by-product or left over materials. Not optimizing on your waste is truly a wasted opportunity. Get visibility into to precisely how much by-product your manufacturing clients are producing. The system will tell you its value so you can help your customer reduce operational costs and maximize their profits.

TARGIT helps you maximize your profits related to rebates

Key Performance Indicators for Waste Management

We know about the importance of sustainability. That’s why we developed a solution that offers all the KPI monitoring companies need to track their waste management and recycling. No more spreadsheet monitoring, TARGIT will give you everything you need with its out-of-the-box solution.

Access all your sustainability measures through a very intuitive Portal Page or Web Client interface. You can also grant access to vendors, suppliers, and customers.

A few of the out-of-the-box dashboards available are:

waste and recycling

Waste and Recycling Report

Track you customers and divisions with services grouped by time periods. You can also look at location sites, material tonnage, service cost and revenue, and service group breakdowns. Get insights on cost and revenue behind trash and recycled materials.
waste and recycling

Commodity Analysis

Track commodity metrics (such as fiber, organics, plastic, etc.) by site, tonnage, and unit price over time. Understanding the commodity mix can significantly influence your revenue/cost behind waste management.
waste and recycling

Diversion Rates

Analyze your diversion metrics by site over time, understanding the breakdown between waste and recycled materials, including their tonnage. Drill down to see the material breakdown per diversion rate, and forecast future diversion rates over time.
waste and recycling

Invoicing Analysis

Understand your performance behind consulting, management, recycling and general services over time. Get a perspective on customer invoices and even access them with just one click on the analysis.

The number one place companies lose money is when they’re paying too much for material without knowing it.”

Michael Ayoroa, ITA Dynamics


The ins and outs of recycling services

Simplify the profit sharing model

Business Intelligence and Analytics for waste services gives instant access into diversion rates. Know exactly how much material clients produce, where it’s coming from, where it’s going, and how much it’s worth. Knowing precise metrics simplifies the profit sharing model. 

Full visibility into the entire stream

Paper, glass, metals, plastics, oil, and bio waste are precious commodities today. You need full visibility into the entire stream, from beginning to end. Know the exact amount of commodities coming from specific locations, how they’re transformed, and where they end up. 

One solution from curbside to final product

Business Intelligence and Analytics software can solve and prevent many of the challenges waste and recycling services businesses experience every day:

  • Get a clear picture of the supply/material stream from upstream and downstream contracts
  • Have instant access to diversion rates
  • Gain insight into commodity rates
  • Measure and monitor profitability by contract, service type, and material stream
  • Track enterprise sustainability and operational improvements
  • Compare metrics and benchmarks

See solutions tailored for your role and needs


The number one benefit of TARGIT is that it gives you the ability to easily manage your upstream and downstream. If you’re not making money from both sources, you’re not managing correctly.”

Michael Ayoroa, ITA Dynamics


Business Analytics
for the whole stream

Desperdício e reciclagem de serviços gerenciam grandes quantidades das informação, e cada ordem gera um novo relatório. Cada relatório é uma nova oportunidade  de tornar sua operação mais eficiente.

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