3F relies on TARGIT to unify Denmark's largest labour union

about the company

With over 300,000 members, 3F is Denmark's largest trade union. 3F is dedicated to protecting the rights of workers throughout Denmark and overseas. The company provides assistance in conflict resolution, unemployment, benefits, and insurance. 3F also offers a wide variety of educational courses, discounts, and other benefits.

their challenges

  • It was a long and tedious process to pull member data
  • Only IT had the skills to create simple reports for employees
  • Bottlenecks were a regular part of business and few people had access to the data they needed when they needed it

how we helped

  • TARGIT' self-service analytics provide tremendous operational savings
  • 3F can provide data to memers so they can find the information they need when they need it on their own
  • Employees no longer waste time waiting for data, which they pass on to increased time spent on member services
Construction workers

"We have gained huge operational savings. In terms of administration, the solution also gives us a great advantage"

Torben FIscher, Head of IT

There's a lot riding on the way 3F does business in Denmark; 380,000 members to be exact. As the largest labour union in Denmark, 3F needed to help their 2,650 employees throughout the company spend more time representing their members and less time waiting for the information they needed to help them do so.

Before TARGIT, the task of delivering basic reports to employees was in the hands of a select few in the company's IT department. As 3F experienced increased demands for deeper understanding of company data, bottlenecks piled up and they knew business intelligence for services was the solution.

When selecting a BI tool, finding a platform that brought the right insight to all employees was the top priority. The technology needed to be self-service, so non-technical employees could pull reports and analyses whenever necessary, and delivery information in a way that made sense to everyone who used it. You can read the guide to designing reports and analyses that make sense to users across the company in this guide: How to Ensure the Highest User Adoption Rates for your BI Project.

After reviewing a number of solutions that claimed to be self-service business intelligence and analytics, they selected the TARGIT Decision Suite for the platform's user friendliness and low learning curve. 3F has reported notable results from the outset of implementation. Many BI platforms claim to be self-service, but self-service doesn't necessarily translate to user-friendly. Make sure you know the difference with this article.

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