Gartner® Report: Predicts 2022: Analytics, BI and Data Science Ecosystems Drive New Perspectives

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Gartner Report: Analytics, BI and Data Science Ecosystems Drive New Perspectives

Creating a Roadmap for Distributed BI and Analytics Operations

A Gartner report states that “Analytics portfolios are becoming increasingly complex as a result of cloud migrations, new and disconnected ecosystems, and emerging self-service demands.”

Cloud-based solutions have the potential to exponentially expand an organization’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities. However, many business leaders struggle to properly govern and integrate these new technologies into their larger strategic decisions. They also need a scalable way to manage data and analytics (D&A) solutions post-deployment to ensure they continue to generate business value over time.

By 2023, ease of migration, interoperability and/or coherence will be deciding factors in 90% of data science, machine learning and AI platform buying decisions.


  • BI and analytics procurement priorities are “shifting from ease of use and alignment with legacy systems to flexibility and alignment with cloud strategy.”
  • D&A leaders must make strategic buying decisions and implement distributed delivery models that enable agility and scalability inside the cloud.
  • The Gartner Predicts 2022 report provides insights and predictions on successful cloud BI adoption, including recommendations on how to grow your tech stack and ensure interoperability across environments.

Top Trends Reshaping the Data and Analytics Landscape

  • Data and analytics portfolios are becoming increasingly complex.
  • The consolidation and standardization achieved through a single cloud stack offsets concerns about vendor lock-in.
  • Data science teams expect heterogeneous tools, technologies, and ecosystems across operations.
  • "By 2024, organizations that lack a sustainable data and analytics operationalization framework will have their initiatives set back by up to two years."

Gartner, Predicts 2022: Analytics, BI and Data Science Ecosystems Drive New Perspectives
- Peter Krensky, Rita Sallam, Farhan Choudhary, Julian Sun, David Pidsley,
Carlie Idoine, Gareth Herschel, Soyeb Barot, Erick Brethenoux, Donald Feinberg, Andrew
White, 9 December 2021.

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