Modernizing Existing Governance Practices Will Increase Business Value

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Predicts 2021: Data and Analytics Strategies to Govern, Scale and Transform Digital Business

The Modern Analytics Strategy for the Future

A Gartner report stated that “in the future, enterprises will win by their ability to handle crisis and disruption, not by optimizing for stability.” Since the on-set of COVID-19, organizations best prepared to deal with its challenges were those able to adapt their operations swiftly to changing business priorities.

By 2024, 30% of organizations will invest in data and analytics governance platforms, thus increasing the business impact of trusted insights and new efficiencies.


  • An important way to prepare for crisis and stability is to invest in BI and analytics platforms with a focus on Data and Data Governance.
  • Successful organizations ensure continuous, economical provision of high-quality, trusted, and timely data and analytics for critical business operations.
  • Organizations that share data externally with their partners generate three times more measurable economic benefits than their counterparts that do not.
  • Less than 5% of data sharing programs correctly identify trusted data and locate trusted data sources.

Steps to Enable the Modern and Analytics Strategy

  1. Renovate Governance Foundations
  2. Architect for Scale
  3. Invest in Asset Value

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