TARGIT accelerating the manufacturing arena

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Accelerating the manufacturing arena cover

We got an award: Top Manufacturing Solution Provider. Why?

  • 100%+ improvement in inventory turnover rates
  • 20% increase productivity on the manufacturing floor
  • $1M+ reduction in slow-moving inventory
  • And much more are the business process our customers are improving with TARGIT.

TARGIT is founded and operated with customer satisfaction in mind which is evident in its 91% referral and 99% renewal ratings.



TARGIT has been recognized by MyTechMag as a Top 10 Manufacturing Solution Provider since our Business Intelligence & Analytics platform is enabling manufacturing companies to unlock new ROI and increase competitiveness.

The key to our customers' success stems from our industry knowledge, hundreds of successful implementations, and software capability to easily integrate with ERPs and key company systems.

This guide covers

  • What makes TARGIT one of the Top 10 Manufacturing Tech Solution Providers 2019
  • What differentiates TARGIT from the competition 
  • What's next for TARGIT to stay ahead in the BI market.