Launis Case
Streamlined process for this fish production company

About the company

Launis has been producing and delivering fish product to Danish lunch tables since 1958. Three generations later, the company has headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Aalbaek and manufacturing facilities in Skagen, with approximtely 130 employees. Reliability, quality, and efficiency are hallmarks of the Launis brand.

Their Challenges
  • In their efforts to stay completely modern, Launis knew they needed the technology to match their ambition
  • Employees did not have one-stop-shop accesss to company data
  • There was no way to dive deeper into details of static reports.
How we helped
  • TARGIT delivers dashboards with important KPIs to decision-makers across the company
  • The software seamlessly integrates data from every department for a comprehensive overview
  • Sales has instant access to product performance in every location.
The best solution is that we have everything in one place. Now we can see and analyze procurement, production and sales and dive deep into the numbers in a very easy way, and it has great value for us.
- Jane Eiersted, former CFO, Launis

Everything in one place with TARGIT

Launis A/S has served as a traditional supplier of fish products for Danish lunch tables since 1958. Today, the third-generation family-owned company has production facilities in Aalbæk and Skagen. Launis specializes in shrimp, fish meatballs, herring, caviar, fish pâté, and cod roe and based on traditional recipes dating back to the company's founding.

A commitment to sustainable production

Launis runs across 28,000 square meters of production and processing facilities, located near the country's northern fishing harbors. The company is continually modernizing processes and equipment to strengthen their green profile and reduce their carbon footprint. Over the years, Launis has invested in a wind turbine to sustainably produce energy for production. Launis also runs an independent mechanical, chemical, and biological treatment plant to meet regulatory requirements for an optimal treatment of waste water from production.

Dipping into the BI waters

As part of the comprehensive modernization of the company, Launis knew business intelligence and analytics for manufacturing and supply chain would be the platform they needed for data-driven strategy. TARGIT partner NORRIQ knew TARGIT Decision Suite was the answer for seamlessly integrating and analyzing data across Laurnis' procurement, production, and sales departments.

"NORRIQ helped us build the cubes so we could concentrate on the actual design of the analyses and reports," says Jane Eiersted, former CFO, Launis. "They knew just what we needed, so we were quickly up and running. And today we get updates on sales twice a day."

One-stop shop for management

Today, TARGIT delivers dashboards with the most important company KPIs to decision makers across the company. Users have instant access to details of how each and every product performs in various markets.

With just a few mouse clicks, users can delve into how the different products are performing both at home and in export markets. Launis added purchasing and production, making TARGIT a one-stop shop for analysis and management information.

"TARGIT is the most important tool we have when it comes to management after our KPIs," says Jens Moltsen, Aalbaek Plant Manager, Launis. "The solution gives us a very clear picture of our time and materials consumption, and it is valuable for production. More importantly, we also follow our indirect time and when production naturally fluctuates as it does in our industry, it is a factor, you can quickly overlook. Now we have an easy opportunity to constantly keep up with how much we have used raw materials, hours and ingredients, so we can correct the calculations for continuous. It is a great advantage." 

Intuitive access to deep details

TARGIT has become an indispensable tool. 

"It is crucial that we always know how our products perform in the markets so that we can adjust production," says Karsten Kristensen, Sales Manager for Denmark and Nordic regions, Launis. "We analyze both product categories and customers and look at revenue and earnings. TARGIT is very user-friendly, and the solution gives us a combination of the big picture and a really deep and detailed picture when we need it."

Eiersted continues: "The best solution is that we have everything in one place. Now we can see and analyze procurement, production and sales and dive deep into the numbers in a very easy way, and it has great value for us."