TARGIT's Latest Enhancements to CDK's BIA Offering



Our Objective: Improve the User Experience

We're so excited to show you all the cool updates to the CDK's BIA offering, leveraging many of TARGIT Decision Suite's advanced BI and Analytics capabilities.

Watch this video to dive into the front-end and back-end updates that include:

  • Home page redesigned giving you an executive overview into the performance of each of the business units.
  • More out-of-the-box dashboards for each business unit. You don't only get an overview dashboard for the product or service department, but each of these departments has more dashboards showcasing relevant information for that department.
  • Pre-configured settings to better visibility into performance over time. For example, you can get year-over-year comparison effortless and seamless.
  • New navigation between dashboards. No more going back to the home page to access other reports and dashboards.
  • Inclusion of more data sets in the back-end allowing you to drill down to more detailed information.
  • Better measure hierarchy structure making it easier for you to navigate and select intuitive and easy-to-understandable measures.

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