OpenID: Utilize the power of user authentication

Master the technical aspects of OpenID

Utilize the power of user authentication, including features such as two-factor authentication.

OpenID is increasingly becoming a standard for user authentication. Organizations that already embrace this technology will be delighted to learn that TARGIT now also supports this. 

With OpenID, TARGIT can now delegate user authentication to external identity providers such as Azure, ADFS, Google, etc., opening up for many new features supplied by these providers - including two-factor authentication.

Learn about the principle behind TARGIT support for OpenID authentication. The webinar is focused mainly on technical aspects.

You'll hear from

Jesper da Silva Endelt

Jesper da Silva Endelt

Senior Solution Architect

Register to see how to:

  • Configure Azure Active Directory
  • Create an Azure App Registration
  • Configuration of a new identity provider in TARGIT Management
  • Setup scripts for support of Azure Active Directory groups
  • Configure roles and rights with OpenID in TARGIT Management