TARGIT mobile BI

The reporting & mobile BI just got even better

Get a tour into the new reporting and mobile BI experience in TARGIT Decision Suite. 

This upgrade comes with a lot of new and exciting features and we want you to see firsthand how to use them and see some real-world examples of them in use. 

In this webinar, we  show you our integrated Document model which makes designing a report very similar to designing a dashboard. A single document now supports multiple layouts for dashboards, for reports and for mobile devices. Furthermore, report layouts support multi-page designs. 

You'll hear from

Mikkel Oldenburg

Mikkel Oldenburg

Business Development Executive
Ole Dyring

Ole Dyring

Senior TARGIT University Instructor

After the webinar, you'll have more insights in

  1. Reusing objects from other layouts in reports
  2. Optimizing device visibility and orientation
  3. Adding or duplicating layouts in design for mobile devices 
  4. Use of mobile devices to select layouts intelligently.