Non-Aeronautical Revenue

A financial result indicator of the passenger experience.

Impact and Secure Steady Growth

Your best chance of impacting the non-aeronautical revenue is to generate on the back of exceptional passenger experience. With an approximate 40% share of your airport revenue, the non-aeronautical revenue is vital to keep at a steady growth.

Actionable and Impactable

Tracking of passenger behavior and customer service levels is the key to improve your non-aeronautical revenue. Clearly communicate actionable goals and expectations to have a positive impact on the passenger experience.

Three Steps to Improve Your Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Plan and Forecast

Plan and forecast for both short and long-term capacity and create alignment with your resource allocation. There are many known and unknown factors that can impact your plan, which demands excellent business stakeholder communication.

Execute and Communicate in Real-Time

Communicate the plan through dashboards on live screens and communicate actions through persona-designed visualizations. With immediate insights, Business Unit Managers are alerted through mobile phones and tablets when escalated actions are required.

Follow Up and Evaluate

Evaluate patterns between previous plans, days, seasons, resources, surveys, concessions, airlines, destinations, periods, etc. into the lowest level of details to action on the future of the airport.

It Only Takes 10 minutes to Increase Sales by 30%

Connect the Dots

Execute in real-time, and use data as forecasted PAX numbers, queue waiting time, and surveys. Connect the dots across all business units related to the passenger experience.

TARGIT Momentum

Build a strategic data-plan and start implementing a data-driven-culture.

Start with TARGIT Momentum Workshop to enable the framework for a BI competence center and let us help you. Over time you’ll be able to control internally. 

Growth. Revenue. Profit.

Grow your PAX number, while controlling your non-aeronautical revenue, and gain profit.

Imagine having a 5% PAX growth, make 15% more in non-aeronautical revenue, and 25% more in profit - that’s possible.

Track Your KPI’s with TARGIT and Leverage on the Insights of Your Data