BI for Microsoft Dynamics

TARGIT Accelerators

TARGIT Accelerators are pre-packaged BI solutions that get you up and running with your analytics project quickly and easily.


Instant BI Value

Connect to a variety of data sources right out of the box and start analyzing with standard cubes and ready-to-use reports and analyses.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, 365 FO/AX, and 365 BC/NAV is fast and easy.

TARGIT Accelerators are available in-memory and SSIS-based to fit all of your analytics needs. This is ROI so fast your head will spin. 

All Your Microsoft Dynamics Data at Your Fingertips

TARGIT Decision Suite seamlessly integrates your Microsoft Dynamics ERP data to generate comprehensive reports and analyses.

Gain better insight than ever before with user-friendly data visualizations, comprehensive data discovery tools, and common sense dashboarding.

Easily add data from your CRM, web metrics, e-commerce platform, and other relevant data sources to gain even deeper insight into the KPIs you need to make better decisions faster.

Mashup data from inside and outside the data warehouse in a flash.

Extend When You're Ready

TARGIT Accelerator packages can be expanded and re-deployed as data requirements evolve.

Add dimensions, measures, and calculated measures from any table within the primary source system or other data sources.

You'll always have an analytics solution that matches your data needs without blowing your IT budget on consultancy hours.

TARGIT Accelerators for Microsoft ERP

TARGIT Accelerators are pre-built for Microsoft Dynamics GP, 365 FO/AX, and 365 BC/NAV.

Full SQL Power, Without Compromise

TARGIT Accelerators deliver all the benefits of an accelerated implementation process without compromising full access to the advanced features of the Microsoft SQL Server stack.

Use TARGIT as a complete end-to-end analytics platform, on top of any third-party integration technology, or turn it into an SSIS package.

This is the power you need, delivered instantly