TARGIT Decision Suite 2021

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New features, a new product, and more of what you love.

TARGIT Insights

TARGIT insights is a new product for admins and developers that allows you to understand and optimize your BI environment.

Prebuild Dashboards

Upon activation, TARGIT Insights will deploy a set of default dashboards. The start page will give you a quick overview with triggers to supporting dashboards. Designers can customize or build new dashboards and save local versions.

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TARGIT Insights
Learn all about our new product, TARGIT Insights. Designed to help you increase user adoption.
Design and Navigation
Learn all the little details that make the design and user experience of TARGIT Decision Suite even better.
Revamped Maps
See our new maps, totally rewritten to provide you with the map intelligence your business needs.

Design and Navigation

With the introduction of the new canvas in 2019, we have seen TARGIT users push the dashboard design level to new levels. Still, we have added a range of features to make the design and user experience even better.

Shape Object

The new shape object lets the designer add basic shapes to a document allowing for simpler creation of some more common design elements.

Exciting new features, such as TARGIT Insights and improvements to design and navigation – especially on Triggers and Dynamic Content.
- Jesper Damgaard, BI Consultant at Accobat A/S


We combined several map charts into a single, enhanced offering. The map chart now effectively replaces the area and image charts and introduces a range of new features.

Multiple Visualization Types

You can now show data as a circle for exact locations and simultaneously fill the shape in an area chart.

More Updates

We’ve expanded the options for working with Dynamic Time, so you can now configure dynamic time to work all the way down to the minute level.

Improved Dynamic Time

We added an extra option to the criteria part of dynamic content in layout objects to allow a much improved display of date ranges when using dynamic time.

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