BARC BI Survey Ranks TARGIT a Leader Across 18 Categories

BARC BI Survey


When measured up against 37 other business intelligence and data visualization products, TARGIT was named a leader across 18 different categories including:
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Implementer support
  • Chosen as standard

“TARGIT does not position itself as a pure data discovery vendor, instead presenting its feature set as an integrated platform covering the key BI elements most mid-sized companies need to support their decision-making,” the BARC BI Survey 16 reports. “Its core functionality for years has been reporting, ad hoc query, dashboarding, and analysis. By placing more emphasis on innovation and introducing improved visual discovery and self-service BI features, the vendor is now in a position to fulfill its customers’ entire set of BI requirements.”

- Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC

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BARC BI Survey results from over 3,000 people

34 independent reviews of TARGIT Decision Suite

TARGIT stacked up against 37 business intelligence products

why TARGIT is ranked as an innovator in BI

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