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The Never Normal

Today’s world is more unpredictable than ever, and the unrelenting pace of change shows no signs of slowing down. 

Continuous disruption across industries has led to the concept of the “never normal,” or the idea that rather than waiting for a state of equilibrium, business leaders should learn to thrive in a state of constant change. 

To succeed in the never normal, organizations must stay agile, leaning on data insights to guide their decisions and investing in BI and analytics solutions designed to evolve alongside their business as change persists.

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“Today, we are capturing 10% more deals

if we meet our used KPIs,

and I would have never

known that without TARGIT.”

- David Scott

Director of Corporate Operations


“TARGIT improves the entire

manufacturing process.

It helps us monitor costs so we know

if we’re staying within a certain range.”

- Todd Cummings

VP of Information Technology


“The visibility we gain with TARGIT is very important for our entire business. It's empowering for so many people at different levels of capability across departments.”

- Bala Baskaran

Data Engineering & Platforms Manager

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    Enns Brothers
    When John Deere dealer Enns Brothers began distributing TARGIT reports across their Service Department, they began billing more service hours each month.
    Dublin airport
    TARGIT is more than a vendor. They're a fantastic partner and have been a part of our entire BI journey. They’ve allowed us to play an active role in the product development.
    The greatest benefit of TARGIT is the simplification of processes. Employees are saving time and resources on processes that used to take days.
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