Business Intelligence for Dealerships

Automate reporting and increase data visibility across your dealership with TARGIT's end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solution. 



Since TARGIT, technicians are billing between an extra half an hour to four hours per month, resulting in free revenue for us.
- Chris DeGraeve, CPA, CMA, Controller at Enns Brothers

A Complete Overview of Your Dealership Operations

Whether you manage an agriculture, construction, or lift truck equipment dealership, get end-to-end visibility and control across your operations; no manual Excel calculations or complex data reconciliation required. 

Our all-in-one BI solution, TARGIT Decision Suite, centralizes data from all your core systems, including dealer management systems (DMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and all other data sources.

Then, automated reports are created and shared on your schedule to ensure everyone has access to the latest information.

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"Any time someone asks for information, we’re able to get it very easily because it’s at our fingertips, and we’re able to slice and dice it. One of the other benefits is that we can make decisions that are more informed because we have the information at our fingertips."

Chris Lee

CFO, Butler Machinery


"TARGIT has given us the ability to distribute reports to managers automatically. It takes the middleman out of the picture and enables them to make decisions daily to improve operations."

Chris Lucas

V.P./Data Processing Manager at TEC

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“TARGIT knows the language dealers speak!  This allowed us to quickly move through onboarding and begin to reap value from the data.” 

Mike Soley Jr.

President and CEO at Miller-Bradford & Risberg Inc.

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“Since implementing TARGIT we are averaging 8% improvement in productivity per department manager per week."

Phil Raker

Director of IT at Best Line Equipment

    Unlock Decision-Leading Insights In Every Department

    Track key performance indicators (KPIs) in sales, service, finance, rental, and more.
    Plus, use TARGIT to monitor trends over time and set up automatic alerts when results fall outside of a certain range. 

    Take a Deep Dive

    What is BI for Heavy Equipment?

    Read our comprehensive online guide, "What is Business Intelligence for Heavy Equipment?" to learn more about the role of BI and analytics in heavy equipment.

    Discover how dealers use reports and dashboards in rental, sales, service, and more to make informed decisions, increase efficiency, and drive their businesses forward. 

    BI and Analytics for All

    We bring over 90 years of combined experience to our solution for heavy equipment dealers, ensuring our customers can always access the most impactful reports and dashboards. 

    Use TARGIT to equip everyone at your dealership with the insights they need to make informed decisions — from team leads and operations managers to frontline employees in every department. 

    • Self-Service Analytics: Increase data access with intuitive tools that support business users and technical experts alike.
    • Actionable Dashboards: Align your entire organization around the same goals with TARGIT’s user-friendly dashboards. 
    • Engaging Visualizations: Tell the story behind your data with charts, graphs, tables, and other interactive, interconnected visualizations. 



    The Top KPIs for Your Heavy Equipment Dealership

    Download our free analytics guide to discover which KPIs you should be tracking in each department and learn how TARGIT's solution can help your dealership turn insight into business impact.

    Ready to Unlock the Full Value of Your Dealership's Data?

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