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75% of international airports are still using delayed, silo-based data. Prepare your airport for the future of travel with BI and analytics. Turn data into instant insight, and improve the experience from curb to gate.


More insight into and control of your operating results? Discover how our all-in-one solution for automotive dealerships can provide your organization with a complete picture of revenue, evolutions, cost items, and more in one click.

C-Stores and Wholesale Fuel-dashboard
C-Stores & Wholesale Fuel

See how your convenience store and wholesale fuel business is performing from the pump to the POS system. Use TARGIT to compare data from multiple operating systems and track sales, inventory, and customer engagement metrics across store locations.  

Equipment rental-dashboard
Equipment Rental

Ensure your rental business is profitable and aligns with the demands of today's consumers. Measure your rental financial utilization rate, equipment health, and overall fleet performance with automated reports and intuitive dashboards from TARGIT

Heavy Equipment-dashboard
Heavy Equipment

Get complete insight into your dealership by combining data from your DMS and all the other systems you use to manage your operations. Generate department-level reports and dashboards that update daily and allow you to compare performance across locations.  


Analyze performance across your entire supply chain with TARGIT’s end-to-end BI solution. Then, use your findings to inform decisions that boost manufacturing line and overall equipment efficiency, decrease recall risk, and keep your costs in check. 

Material Handling-dashboard
Material Handling

Keep a close eye on every aspect of your operations with multi-source data integrations and analytics dashboards that update on a daily basis. Keep your supply chain running smoothly, monitor progress toward KPIs, and identify new opportunities to improve your core processes. 

Public Sector
Public Sector

More than 25% of Danish Municipalities have already selected TARGIT as their corporate BI solution because it increases efficiency and reduces administrative workload without compromising data quality. TARGIT gives you a comprehensive view of your assets and operations to raise efficiency and easily share data via your public portal.  

Truck & Trailer-dashboard
Truck & Trailer

Equip your team with insights that inform decisions and drive your truck trailer business forward. Use comprehensive data and user-friendly analytics tools to monitor every department in your dealership, with curated daily reports for sales, service, rental, finance, and more.