Talk to your data

Experience the functionalities of search, interactive dashboards, and powerful visualizations.

From data to insights

Create interactive dashboards and reports across data sets with TARGIT’s self-service analytics capabilities. Complete with drill-down capabilities and intelligent agents that monitor changes in your data.

User dimensions.

Easy drag-and-drop comparisons enable users to benchmark the performance of people, products, or services.

Automatic alerts.

With the most up-to-date data available from inside and outside the organization, users see what’s coming. Take action proactively, instead of reactively.

Dynamic time.

Dynamic ensures analyses always show only the period you’re looking for, without the need to update views every month.

Data visualization.

TARGIT’s data visualization tools make it easy to spot trends and outliers in your data in an instant with graphical representation customized for your users.

Advanced calculations.

Use the smart calculations tool to add details or use the custom calculations tool to perform advanced calculations with a single click.

Action in an instant.

Easily display your data showing the big picture and find answers to your questions by digging deeper into your data. Big or small question, TARGIT helps you find what you’re looking for.

The language of the business user.

We designed TARGIT Decision Suite to be the analytics solution for companies who want a single platform to unleash comprehensive business analysis across the entire organization. Any skill level, every department, all insight.

We tried different front-ends, but TARGIT covered our needs, both functionally and visually. Especially our PDF-bursts improved.
- Steffen Thomsen, BI Manager, NORMAL A/S

More data. More insights.

Cloud. On-premise. Spreadsheets. The possibilities to explore the correct data are endless. Add new data for context with our Data Discovery module or let power-users build complex data workflows to extend your solution for everyone.

Explore more. Gain more.

Create your own valuable insights.