Modernize Your BI Environment

Bring all of the features you know and love to a secure, cloud-based infrastructure that reduces risks, increases productivity, and prepares your organization to scale over time.


Enabling Cloud-Based Operations

More and more organizations are moving to the cloud in search of modern, end-to-end solutions that enable them to centralize business processes, streamline data analysis, and more.

We leveraged decades of combined BI experience to expand our Decision Suite solutions with easy-to-use, cloud-centric BI and analytics features that meet our customers’ unique needs.

Our cloud platform brings cloud enablement services and software to TARGIT Decision Suite users who work on-premises or in the cloud.


More Than Cloud

Driven by genuine care for our customers and a commitment to creating user-friendly BI solutions that anyone can use, we’ve developed a cloud solution that enables:

Same software on-premises and cloud

Advanced integrations and embedding

Software quality and stability

Centralized monitoring

Automatic feature and service updates

Better support

Better customer experience

And much more!

Take the Next Step

Protect your BI and analytics investments
by migrating your on-premises TARGIT infrastructure
to a cloud-based ecosystem


Begin Your Journey at Any Given Stage

Not ready to go all-in on a cloud migration? TARGIT’s flexible setup allows you to move to the cloud on your terms. Begin your cloud journey at any time or at any stage in the migration process.

  • Move your infrastructure, docs*, and settings to the cloud at any time with the 2022 version of Decision Suite.
  • Migrate your data warehouses in phases, allowing parts of your data to remain on-premises during testing.
  • Operate on-premises and in the cloud simultaneously, and conduct extensive testing before retiring on-premises solutions*.
*By preservation of platform - contact TARGIT for further details.

Start Your Migration to TARGIT’s Secure, Scalable Cloud-Based BI Solution