Dealership Analytics

Business Intelligence for Truck & Trailer

Automate reporting and extract real value from your data with TARGIT's business intelligence (BI) solution for truck and trailer dealerships.

Driving Efficiency for Truck and Trailer Dealers


Stock Control

Monitor your inventory levels by equipment make and model. See exactly how many units are on-hand, their current status, booking value, and sales price.

Fleet Management

Get a quick overview of your fleet’s KPIs for the current year, including book value, utilization rates, rental revenue, maintenance cost allocation, and more.

Sales Performance

Create a single comprehensive dashboard that monitors every aspect of your sales team's performance by customer, store, and vehicle type.

Financial Reporting

Centralize financial data from multiple systems to inform comprehensive Profit and Loss statements and compare financials between locations. 

Service Department Tracking

Monitor staff efficiency, billable hours, open orders, and more in a single view. Use up-to-date insights to improve accuracy and your customers' experiences.

Dealership Management

Analyze performance over time across all departments – Sales, Parts, Services, and Rental. Drill into the details to understand the "why" behind specific trends.