Analytics for Convenience Stores

Combine data from all your business systems inside a powerful business intelligence (BI) solution for c-store and fuel operations. 

Streamline Reporting and Analysis With Our All-In-One Solution


Measure performance, identify trends, and accelerate growth with a user-friendly BI solution that turns multi-source data into actionable results.

A Complete Overview of Your Operations

Wave goodbye to multiple login screens and disconnected reporting tools. Combine and analyze all your operational data through a single solution — and enable your entire team to do the same.  

Unlock the Full Value of Your Data

Increase operational visibility, improve forecasting, and inform strategic decisions with an end-to-end BI solution that turns complex data into clear, actionable results. TARGIT gives you unparalleled insight into your operations, from minute details to high-level trends.


Automate Reporting Across Your Organization

Accelerate data analysis and decision-making across your entire organization. TARGIT automatically extracts the latest information from all your data sources and generates reports hourly, daily, weekly, or on the custom schedule you set.

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Configure Reports to Your Operations

Set unlimited dimensions and filters to organize your data, your way. You have the flexibility to create an unlimited number of data attributes, then link them to your data set to filter reports or dashboards by kitchen type, location type, store size, fuel supplier, and more.  


Balance Data Security and Accessibility

Utilize TARGIT's security tools for tailored data access: store managers view their own data, district managers access regional data, and stakeholders analyze the big picture for performance comparison and detailed insights.

The insights we uncover through TARGIT enable fact-based decisions across our organization. Now, we can accurately measure customer counts, products purchased together, ticket size, and more. And we can combine multiple figures into reports that help us manage the business.
- Rick Tellez, CFO, TXB Stores

Fueling Data-Driven Decisions for Convenience Store Operators

Unlock insights for all levels of your organization that drive results and align everyone behind shared goals.


Competitive Fuel Pricing


Ensure your gas station or wholesale business stays ahead of the competition by comparing the latest market data with your fuel prices.




Financial Reporting


Generate comprehensive financial dashboards with drill-through capabilities. Review all transactions and track Profit and Loss across every business area.




Sales Analysis and Forecasting


Study sales trends at the store or category level. Drill into the details to see the drivers behind them and use your findings to plan for the future.




Inventory and Category Management


Track inventory changes over time using Trend and Balance Sheets. Monitor category-level benchmarks for fuel, consumer goods, fresh foods, and more.




Configurable Goal Types


Define unique goal types inside of TARGIT, then update or modify them in just a few clicks as your priorities change or your organization evolves.




Automated System Alerts


Set rules to measure productivity, inventory health, and more. Then, use automated escalations to get ahead of trends, adjust staffing, or prevent costly food waste.



Ready to See How TARGIT Can Transform Your Operations?

Book a personalized demo today to see how TARGIT's solution for c-stores and fuel can help you: 
  • Centralize reporting across every business system 
  • Monitor daily performance and track long-term trends 
  • Unlock actionable insights that fuel efficiency and profitability