Become a TARGIT Partner

You know your customers and niche segments. We know business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Together, we will help your customers realize the full value of their data by putting valuable BI capabilities in their hands.

Discover a Dynamic Partnership Built on Collaboration, Innovation, and Trust

At TARGIT, we believe the best way to deliver true value to customers is by working alongside a network of partners that support specific industries, tech stacks, geographies, and other targeted market segments. 

These partners enable us to reach new customers by combining the power of our BI and analytics solutions with their unique business models or software applications, all while challenging us to continuously innovate, evolve, and work toward our shared goals. 

As a TARGIT partner, you are an integral part of our business strategy and a trusted member of our team. We appreciate your contributions, and we're dedicated to fostering mutual success in every aspect of our work together. 

Explore the Benefits of Working With TARGIT 

Bring powerful BI and analytics capabilities to your end users alongside a trusted partner. TARGIT offers technical support, strategic guidance, and commercial expertise to streamline implementation and ensure our shared solution effectively supports your customers and your bottom line. 
Unlock New BI Capabilities

Add reporting and analytics tools to your software without building your own module from scratch. We make it easy to expand and evolve your solution as your needs change.

Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Give customers instant insight into business performance, user behaviors, and other key metrics so they can make informed decisions based on the latest data. 

Speed Up Implementation

Hit the ground running with TARGIT’s tried-and-tested solution architecture, technical expertise, and range of partner resources, including ongoing support for your customers.

Boost Your Selling Power

Access our complete sales and marketing toolkit, including timely marketing insights, commercial and go-to-market resources, demo and partner licenses, and more.

Customize Your Environment

Work with us to develop the best solution for your business and customer needs – whether embedded, bundled, or integrated with a third-party application.

Build a Dynamic Partnership

Partner with Team TARGIT to fill in knowledge or skills gaps and create flexible, integrated teams dedicated to helping your customers and your business thrive.

Our Go-To-Market Approach is All About Synergy

How can you develop a business intelligence solution tailored to your customers’ needs and your business goals?

Team up with TARGIT, and together, we'll drive success and deliver true value. We work with your team and customers to define the requirements for a solution. Then, we analyze user behavior to help you adapt and evolve to continuously support your customers.


Embed Powerful Analytics and Dashboards Into Your Solution

Looking to give your customers immediate access to intuitive BI tools directly inside your software?

Unlock the full potential of your solution by integrating dynamic analytics and dashboards. With TARGIT's embedded solutions for software providers and OEMs, you can provide your users with deep insights and interactive visualizations directly inside your own software environment and unlock benefits like:

AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Seamless Integration: Easily embed our analytics and dashboards into your solution without extensive development efforts.

AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Dynamic Reports: Give customers the power to generate actionable insights through customizable, interactive reports.

AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 User-Friendly Dashboards: Provide intuitive dashboards that present complex data in a clear, digestible format.

AdobeStock_157864480 [Converted]-3 Enhanced User Experience: Improve user engagement and satisfaction by delivering powerful data visualization tools within your software.

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“TARGIT delivers a strong and user-friendly product which they are helping us utilize in the best possible manner. They understand us and the needs of our customers and have designed a solution that very much supports our business model.”

Jakob Ilum Damsgaard

Business Development Director, Systematic

It’s a pleasure to partner with TARGIT. They share our culture of innovation and enable us to improve the adoption of BI for our shared customers.”

Kaare Thyregod

Managing Partner, Verifi


“Our partnership with TARGIT is more than a collaboration between business partners; it is based on deep trust and mutual appreciation and delivers the best solutions for our customers and their needs.

The TARGIT Decision Suite complements our expertise in data visualization, providing our customers with unique insights and decision-making capabilities.”

Thomas Körting

Sales & Marketing Manager, b-imtec GmbH

"Together with TARGIT, we help our customers realize the full value of their data."

Mickey Holm Glinvad

Commercial Manager BI, NORRIQ