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Data Sources

TARGIT's out-of-the-box functionality supports integrations with many of the in-house platforms and systems dealers use to manage operations.


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We support a broad array of data sources specific for automotive dealerships.
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Missing Your Data Sources on the List Above?

Adding a new data source step-by-step is also no problem at all. TARGIT is fully configurable to your desires and needs. We also integrate applications developed in-house for different customers. If we can connect to it, we can integrate it.

I used to spend three or four days per month consolidating data from different sources so I could build reports. Now, TARGIT pulls data from all of our systems overnight and I send out reports to various departments the next day.
- Ben Quirijnen, Owner, Garage Felix

Data Consolidation Across Locations

TARGIT makes it easy to consolidate data across multiple dealership locations. With a few clicks, you can design a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of your entire organization.

Data is updated every night or whenever you wish. This way, you do not have to wait weeks on your consolidated numbers. Moreover, you no longer depend on each location to provide its own set of individual reports.