Insights for the Masses

Design with endless possibilities and schedule reports with the right data to the right people.

One Tool - Several Layout Options

With TARGIT, you can design and manage reports easier than ever before. One document includes unlimited layout options for all your platforms. From slideshows to mobile-optimized views or for the classic PDF report.

Dynamic Reporting

Build reports where objects automatically are linked, allowing for unlimited drill-downs and drill-through capabilities. Click your way through the report to find the insights you need. 

Scheduled Reporting

Schedule reports for send-out at predefined hours of the day or by the occurrence of changes in data. With batch-scheduling, it allows for the same report to go to thousands of recipients at the same time.

Easy Maintenance

Use data to determine the list of recipients and keep everyone in the loop without constant maintenance of individual lists.

The Right Data. To the Right People.

Force a filter on everything a users sees. The same report can be accessed and used by multiple users, but limited to the data they are allowed to see.

Create dynamic and static reports and send the right data to the right people, making maintenance of your solution pain-free.


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Create Your own Valuable Insights.