Specialized BI Solutions By Industry

Value Drivers

Discover Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that seamlessly align with your business goals and the processes that power your daily operations. We take a unique approach to generating value for every one of our customers, ensuring our solutions continually drive your business forward. 

Value drivers
Customer Value and Success

Our Commitment to You

At TARGIT, we further our customers' success through continuous innovation, insightful recommendations, and strategic guidance. 

We support these efforts through three primary focus areas:
  • Prioritizing accessibility and usability
  • Developing specialized solutions for our core industries
  • Infusing care for our customers into everything we do
Together, these tactics enable us to create truly valuable solutions that alleviate your greatest challenges and help you realize your most exciting opportunities. 
Industry Value Drivers

Delivering Results Across Key Verticals

Don't let complex implementations delay your BI ROI. Our out-of-the-box solutions support our customers' most critical requirements across several key verticals, including heavy equipment, truck and trailer, automotive, airports, public sector, manufacturing, and retail. 

Get up and running quickly with training resources, pre-configured assets tailored to your industry, and pre-built reports for each department in your organization. 

Our pre-packaged solutions integrate seamlessly with your internal management systems and external data sources, so you can start extracting and analyzing high-value data from day one. 

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BI Implementation on Your Terms

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with TARGIT's curated analytics solutions.
Our value drivers come to life through specialized tools and platforms
built for specific industries, data sources, and business environments. 
Friendly BI Platform

Making Data Accessible for All

TARGIT's user-friendly platform breaks down silos and gives everyone the tools they need to generate impactful insights no technical expertise required. 

We combine impressive backend capabilities with intuitive frontend interfaces that make it easy for business users, service teams, and analysts alike to build and use reports and dashboards. 

What's more, you can embed TARGIT into the tools and systems your teams use every day so they can analyze data and share their results from a single view. 

Care for Customers

Championing Customer-Centricity at Every Step

At TARGIT, we're here to be your long-term business partner, not a one-off software vendor.

Our products, support services, and continuous development efforts center around a genuine care for our customers and a commitment to evolving our offerings alongside their businesses. 

We design solutions that solve our customers' most pressing challenges and help them unlock new opportunities. How? By helping them advance their BI strategies with scalable tools that promote data-driven decisions. 


customer story

See How Enns Brothers Uses TARGIT to Maximize Efficiency and Revenue

Heavy equipment dealer Enns Brothers uses TARGIT's BI accelerator to extract data from their dealer management system (DMS) and generate weekly reports for their service department.

The result? Increased productivity and end-to-end data visibility across the entire organization. 

Customer story

Learn How Novenco Seamlessly Migrated to a New ERP With TARGIT’s BI Accelerator

For decades, Novenco has used TARGIT to extract and analyze data from multiple business systems. So, when this industrial manufacturer needed to migrate to a new ERP system, they turned to TARGIT’s accelerator for IFS to implement a pre-built, scalable BI infrastructure that could support their evolving reporting needs. 

Novenco - Customer Story
Controlled Polymers - Customer Story
Customer story

Discover How Controlled Polymers Uses TARGIT’s Accelerator to Make IFS Data More Accessible

Controlled Polymers came to TARGIT in search of a BI solution that could extract data from their IFS ERP system without a complex technical setup or manual integration. 

Today, employees use TARGIT’s pre-packaged BI accelerator to analyze data from IFS and monitor relevant KPIs in sales, service, production, and delivery.  

Customer story

See How Beckhoff Customizes Reports & Dashboards to Manage Growing Global Operations

After acquiring a new ERP system, Beckhoff needed a scalable way to evaluate data from multiple systems. Thanks to TARGIT’s BI accelerator and integration partner b-imtec, they accelerated the rollout of their new BI solution and began leveraging customizable analyses for sales, finance, purchasing, and warehouse.  

Beckhoff - Customer Story