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Experience the synergy between people, processes and knowledge making a significant impact to your organization.

Building a Data-Driven Organization

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Always up to Date. Always Available.

We arm everyone with a data-based foundation to lean on. With solutions build around your business processes we help you improve productivity, profitability and competitiveness.

Turning Insights into Impact

What’s driving our product development is our ability to turn insights into impactful decisions by accelerating deployment and user adaption across the organization.

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One Organization.
One Platform.

Say goodbye to disparate systems and excel files. Create alignment between employees of every department within your organization ensuring everyone works with the same version of the truth.


95% of surveyed users are satisfied with TARGIT.
-  The BI & Analytics Survey 22 - BARC

Secure and Scalable

Managing large amounts of data doesn’t need to be a hard task. Deliver the right insights, to the right people, at the right time with industry-leading user and data governance tools. Free up time to what matters most.

Professional Services

Solving the 20/20 Challenge

Today, less than 20% of knowledge workers use BI applications utilizing less than 20% of the available data. Embed TARGIT directly inside the business applications where people already work and see the numbers increase.

Strong Service Team

We deliver one of the industry’s fastest BI implementations, guaranteeing you a quick ROI. Our service team has a direct feedback loop back to product development ensuring the continuous improvement of both software and solution.



Overall, there are four costly pitfalls that most commonly surprise companies when implementing a business intelligence and analytics solution. Fall victim to one, and it’s likely the rest will come tumbling on top of you soon after.