How Embedded BI Enables Informed Decisions

Originally published July 12, 2023. Updated July 17, 2023
Søren Block Olsen
Søren Block Olsen
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What is Embedded BI?  

Embedded business intelligence (BI) refers to the process of integrating the reports, dashboards, and visualizations from your BI and analytics solution directly inside another application. In short, it's about putting data in the location where it's most relevant and valuable to your end users.   

For example, you might embed dashboards that display sales pipeline performance inside your customer relationship management (CRM) system or embed dashboards related to payroll or clocking efficiency inside your enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool.   

The data within these dashboards is still managed and updated through your BI solution, ensuring it’s always accurate and up to date. By placing these visualizations directly inside the user interface of the tools your employees use daily, you can drastically improve data accessibility and bring valuable context to your staff’s important tasks and decisions. This enables every employee to make informed decisions faster and more effectively.   

Embedded BI can be used in a variety of ways, both internally and externally to:   

  • Strengthen a product offering or expand a solution stack by providing customers with advanced BI capabilities.   
  • Simplify employees' daily work, minimize the number of applications they must manage, and improve data democratization.   
  • Reduce reliance on tech teams to develop one-off reports and dashboards while automatically bringing powerful insights into the tools and systems other employees already use. 
  • Share public data with a select group of individuals or the general public via a website or public-facing online portal. 


Four Ways Embedded BI Supports Better Business Decisions  


1. Streamlined Workflows

Save employees the hassle of switching between tabs and managing multiple logins. Embedded BI brings data right into your teams' existing workflows.   

It simplifies their tasks and makes it extremely easy for them to access data-driven insights right inside their CRM, ERP, payroll system, or another platform. This approach enables employees to add BI to their daily routine, improving user adoption and increasing the impact that data has on business decisions across your organization.  


2. User-Friendly Interface

Embedding dashboards into your core business systems provides employees with a solution that perfectly balances power and user-friendliness. Everyone can see relevant data in a convenient location and use built-in tools to drill down into the details behind certain metrics, explore related insights, or mash up multiple data points to see even more insights.  

Embedded BI solutions often boast highly intuitive features like drag-and-drop dashboards, one-click reports, and interactive visualizations that make it easy for even non-technical users to review and manipulate data quickly and easily. 


3. Integrated Data Sharing and Collaboration

Embedded BI tools don't just allow users to evaluate data within their application of choice; they also make it extremely easy to share the results with colleagues, partners, and customers via email, further encouraging other users to explore the results and bring data to their decision-making processes.  

By embedding your BI solution inside other business systems, you can automatically share the latest data with your employees, partners, and customers while simultaneously giving them the option to share that same data with others in just a few clicks.   


4. Simplified Training and Adoption

Every new software implementation comes with a learning curve for your workforce. But by supplying employees with dashboards directly inside of the platforms they know and love, your organization can significantly reduce the barrier to entry for BI.  

Rather than asking your employees to learn a new set of login credentials, an unfamiliar interface, and a range of new tools from the ground up, you can provide them with up-to-date insights via the systems they already use on a routine basis.  


Bring Powerful Insights to Your Entire Team With Embedded BI 

Embedded BI gives employees, partners, and other users the context they need to inform critical decisions across various business areas.  

Interested in learning more about the benefits and applications of embedding?  

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Originally published July 12, 2023. Updated July 17, 2023