Dechra Expands BI Adoption and Data Accessibility With TARGIT’s Embedded Dashboards

About the company

Dechra is a UK-based global manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products. The company specializes in the development, production, and sale of high-quality medical and nutritional animal products exclusively for veterinarians. Dechra’s global distribution and sales networks enable veterinarians to care for beloved pets and animals all over the world.  

Their Challenges
  • Dechra needed to replace manual, Excel-based reports with an automated business intelligence (BI) solution.
  • The manufacturer was also looking to simplify data management and improve data-driven decision-making across multiple departments. 
  • Finally, Dechra wanted to provide their sales department with a single, comprehensive view of all relevant internal, external, and customer data via intuitive dashboards.  
How we helped
  • Equipped Dechra with an automated BI solution that freed them up to focus on strategic decision-making, 
  • Gave the manufacturer the ability to monitor BI adoption and usage across its entire user base, 
  • Embedded TARGIT into Salesforce to give sales teams direct access to multiple dashboards within their day-to-day workstreams.  
TARGIT had a profound impact on my team and department. Now, we spend time looking forward – using reliable data to inform our strategy and enabling other departments to do the same.
- Steen Gøbel, BI Analyst, Dechra

Paving the Way for Informed Decision-Making


Dechra produces and distributes a wide variety of medical and nutritional products for animals. The company relies on accurate, timely data to inform the production and distribution of the products. Beyond that, they also leverage customer and partner data to maintain relationships with the veterinarians that prescribe their products to animals across the globe.  

Steen Gøbel, BI Analyst at Dechra in Denmark, is responsible for managing and maintaining Dechra’s data warehouse and ensuring data availability for the business in EMEA. He explains that, before TARGIT, his team spent most of their time copying and pasting data between Excel sheets and validating reports by hand.  

Steen’s team had to export spreadsheets from multiple data sources one by one, then validate and consolidate each asset before finally generating the necessary reports for each department. This manual process meant BI analysts were focused primarily on data validation, leaving them little time to evaluate the impact of their findings or use those findings to inform business decisions.  

Dechra came to TARGIT in search of a BI solution that would streamline reporting and enable their analysts to focus on strategic decision-making rather than manual tasks. Steen explains that TARGIT has given his team the ability to shift their focus accordingly:  

“With TARGIT, we now have time to look into our data and use it to make informed business decisions.” His team uses TARGIT to auto-validate the data within each data model, then turns that data into accurate, insightful reports for various departments.  


Boosting Efficiency and BI Adoption  

Steen uses TARGIT daily to distribute relevant reports to stakeholders quickly and with minimal effort. “I use the scheduler to create scheduled reports and distribute them as PDF, HTML, etc. It’s a simple right-click and go no need for extensive technical know-how.” 

While Steen himself is a frequent TARGIT user, he explains that much of the solution’s value comes from how it’s being leveraged by non-technical users as well. “TARGIT has provided Dechra with many new functions, including the ability to monitor and follow up on various product and customer market segments. It’s a great fit for us because it’s quite easy to learn. Users sign onto TARGIT for the first time, and within an hour, they’re ready to create their first dashboard.”  

We use data from many different systems to make strategic decisions with stakeholders from around the world. BI, and TARGIT’s solution in specific, play an integral role in many departments within our organization.” 

When TARGIT Insights was launched in 2021, Steen’s team immediately began leveraging it to measure BI adoption and efficiency. Initial readings showed that 42% of Dechra’s TARGIT licenses were active within the last 30 days, indicating that they had capacity to better utilize its existing TARGIT licenses before purchasing new ones. Steen continues to use TARGIT Insights today: “TARGIT Insights allows us to monitor adoption and usage on a routine basis so we can make informed decisions about how and when to expand our solution or purchase additional licenses.”  




Creating a Comprehensive View of Customer Data 

In the fall of 2020, Dechra began using the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software in Europe. Soon after, they partnered with TARGIT to embed their TARGIT dashboards directly into Salesforce, giving their sales department a single application in which to view and analyze customer data.  

Via Salesforce, the sales team can drill down into various TARGIT dashboards in just a few clicks. On the back end, embedded links ensure these dashboards update in near real-time based on the latest data in TARGIT’s native solution.  

Managers and sales reps reference TARGIT’s embedded dashboards daily to monitor performance on the customer, product, and market level. They also use custom dashboards to analyze other dimensions from Dechra’s data models.  


“Embedding TARGIT into Salesforce has helped us simplify data management, improve data accuracy, and increase data accessibility. Now, we only need to maintain one solution and one set of dashboards versus two separate solutions and unique datasets.” 


Today, nearly 500 Dechra employees use TARGIT’s embedded Salesforce solution in EMEA; a number Steen expects will increase as the solution is rolled out across new regions in the coming months. Dechra’s next step is expanding adoption across Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.  


Expanding BI Influence Across Global Markets  

Steen describes TARGIT as an agile BI solution and emphasizes its ability to evolve alongside organizations like Dechra.  

"TARGIT offers an array of functions that you can use at different maturity levels within your business. Currently, there are many features we use and many we don’t. I believe we’ll grow into the ones we don’t currently use as we mature and realize new opportunities for BI.”  

Beyond the functionality and features within TARGIT’s BI platform, Steen also appreciates TARGIT’s commitment to its customers. He explained that his team has a direct contact with whom they can raise questions or challenges and said they always receive a quick response.  

Dechra also uses this line of communication to pitch new ideas and provide constructive feedback to inform new features or updates to their solution. “TARGIT as a company is very close to the customer. They are always eager to help or provide support, and their clear communication ensures we never feel alone in any process.” 

Originally published March 2, 2023. Updated February 26, 2024