Supply Chain Analytics

Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

Improve operational visibility and boost overall equipment efficiency (OEE) with our end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solution. 

TARGIT improves the entire manufacturing process. It helps us monitor costs so we know if we’re staying within a certain range. If we get out of that range, we can fix it and move forward.
- Todd Cummings, CIO, Monin

Decision-Leading Insights for Manufacturers

Monitor production, boost efficiency, and increase profitability with actionable insights in every business area. 
Monitor Day-to-Day Performance

See how every team, machine, and department is performing at any given time. Monitoring your entire production line lets you balance the line better and avoid bottlenecks. The result?  Production will run faster and more smoothly, your output will increase, and your costs will decrease.

Stay Ahead of Production Delays

Keep a close eye on production quality, so you can identify and correct deviations before they impact your bottom line. Plus, use automated reports to monitor machinery conditions and create a proactive maintenance plan that minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency. 

Identify and Resolve Root Causes

Use data to trace delays, quality concerns, and other issues to their root cause and take timely actions. Distribute relevant, user-friendly analyses and overviews that give employees the insights and autonomy to resolve critical errors before they slow down your supply chain. 

Balance Supply
and Demand

Manage supplier shipments, warehouse inventory, and order fulfillment in one view by combining data from every business system. Overlay sales and order data with industry benchmarks to identify top-selling products and ensure your stock levels match consumer demand. 

Improve Planning and Forecasting

Use comprehensive reports and dashboards to track trends and monitor changes in your production line, customer base, or industry. TARGIT's dynamic dashboards make it easy to merge data from multiple sources and leverage predictive analyses to see what lies ahead.