Embedded Analytics For Partners

Gain a competitive edge and increase customer satisfaction with our BI solutions for software providers. 

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Solution Data With White-Labeled Analytics and Reporting Capabilities
TARGIT's embedded business intelligence (BI) solutions give your end users immediate access to intuitive analytics tools within your unique software application.
Now, you can combine powerful analytics and reporting with an agile infrastructure that seamlessly blends into your existing software. 
Enhance or Expand
Your Solution

Add reporting and analytics tools to your software without building your own module from scratch. We make it easy to expand and evolve your solution as your needs change.  

Data-Driven Decisions

Give customers instant insight into business performance, user behaviors, and other key metrics so they can make informed decisions based on the latest data. 

Speed Up

Reduce development costs, minimize risks, and get up and running quickly by embedding TARGIT’s tried-and-tested solution inside your own. 

Gain a
Competitive Edge

Meet customers' demands by providing them with reports, dashboards, and analytics tools inside the software they already know and love. 

Data Management

Leverage advanced data management tools to simplify data structures and streamline transformation, cleansing, and multi-source integration 

Data Governance

Adopt a solution that inherits your existing user rights and permissions, creating a hassle-free environment that protects your data without disruption.

Embedded Solutions

Implement TARGIT as full white-label analytics and dashboard tool within your software application.
Embedded solutions are flexible and can be configured to fully match your current solution, including security models, pricing structure, and user interface, giving your customers a seamless experience while equipping them with full-fledged analytics and reporting capabilities.

Bundled Solutions

Deploy TARGIT alongside a specific solution or data source in your business environment, then provide end-users with pre-defined dashboards and reports.
By bundling TARGIT with your existing software, you give customers a ready-to-use reporting tool that automatically extracts relevant data from your solution and presents it in an actionable, engaging way.