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Many international airports still use delayed, silo-based data – is your airport among those? Prepare your airport for the future of travel with TARGIT.

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Our scalable business intelligence (BI) + analytics platform boosts reporting capabilities
and unlocks new data insights by turning in-depth analyses into actionable results.
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Advancing Airport Analytics

Across the globe, COVID-19 stalled airport analytics strategies.

Read how airports use BI to bounce back from disruption and drive ongoing success.

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Biggest Analytics Benefits

Airports have a data problem. There’s so much of it and little available to make sense of it. Different departments use their own systems to track and store it, but lack insight into what’s going on throughout the rest of the airport.

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Best Airport KPIs

Every traveler has their own version of the nightmare airport story. These days, it often seems like hassles, delays, and frustrations are the norm, whereas a smooth, quick journey from the curb to the gate is a rare treat. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

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Action-driven Analytics 

TARGIT airport analytics has the ability to cater a range of business analytics disciplines all the way from distributed reports up to real time analytics and data driven alerts sent to mobile devices.

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How Dublin Airport Succeeds

Airports need to answer critical questions every minute of every day: How many passengers should you expect at any given moment? What’s the average wait time?

Dublin Airport highlights how TARGIT helped them tackle these concerns.

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Improve Airport Operations

Many airports lack a system that takes all of their data from different systems, combines it into one easy-to-understand plan.

This is where BI and planning software designed for the regulations of the airline industry plays a critical role. 

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Success Story

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) adopted the TARGIT Decision Suite to help them better manage their duty-free retail shops. They were so impressed with the comprehensive view of the business, that they went on to implement TARGIT in their car parks and general airport operations.

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Optimize Airport Operations

Managing the data and analytics for an international airport can seem like a daunting task. Running on old numbers, with poor forecasting, can lead to high staff turnover, and longer wait times resulting in poor passenger satisfaction.

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Learn how to create effective analyses and data visualizations using our guides and tutorials, get inspired from our numerous examples and live customer solutions, and gain access to a variety of TARGIT resources.

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TARGIT Decision Suite

TARGIT Decision Suite

TARGIT Decision Suite is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics tool, that helps companies integrate, visualize, and share data better and faster than ever before.

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Three Steps to Improve Your Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Turn Data Into Instant Insight


Access to more data means access to more answers. Connect, import, and integrate disparate data sources into a single, easy-to-use BI platform. Utilize our InMemory database or layer our Decision Suite on top of your existing analytics setup.

Study every facet of your airport operations performance with interactive dashboards and analysis tools. Drill down into detailed insights to monitor changes, track trends, or spot outliers, then present clear results with visualization tools and auto-generated reports.

With complete data visibility, your teams can turn detailed insights into digestible readouts that inform decisions and streamline internal processes. Our platform gives you the confidence to make internal improvements that drive measurable results.



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It Only Takes 10 minutes to Increase Sales by 30%

Connect the Dots

Execute in real-time, and use data as forecasted PAX numbers, queue waiting time, and surveys. Connect the dots across all business units related to the passenger experience.

Impact and Secure Steady Growth

Your best chance of impacting the non-aeronautical revenue is to generate on the back of exceptional passenger experience. With an approximate 40% share of your airport revenue, the non-aeronautical revenue is vital to keep at a steady growth.

Actionable and Impactable

Tracking of passenger behavior and customer service levels is the key to improve your non-aeronautical revenue. Clearly communicate actionable goals and expectations to have a positive impact on the passenger experience.

Growth. Revenue. Profit.

Grow your PAX number, while controlling your non-aeronautical revenue, and gain profit.

Imagine having a 5% PAX growth, make 15% more in non-aeronautical revenue, and 25% more in profit - that’s possible.

Optimize Your Airport Operations

The future of travel is not linear. Because travel behavior is not linear. Those that plan that way will undoubtedly fail. Prepare your airport for the future of travel today.

Reach out to our TARGIT Airport Experts and learn more about how we can improve your airport operations.