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Advance your career and level up right from your desk with on-demand courses for every skill level. You can easily track your progress and work through courses at your own pace.

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“The courses are divided into short videos so you can find the exact lesson you need without looking through a ton of content or sitting through the entire lesson.”

Anne-Mette Mortensen

Viborg Kommune

“It's easy to master each course in stages: First, you watch the video, then you complete the associated exercise, and end with reviewing the answers before moving on to the next lesson. That way, you can complete lessons in small chunks and check your work as the course progresses.”

Karl Diethrick

Andavi Solutions

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“Each lesson includes several helpful, hands-on exercises so you can test your new skills immediately and easily determine if you’re ready to move on.”

Nicoleta Diana Dobre


“My overall experience with TARGIT has been great. I did an eLearning course and within three weeks, I was completely comfortable building dashboards, reports, and so on. It's very user-friendly and user-oriented.”

Jannik Breum


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    From basic lessons to advanced software administration and data source building. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to track your training progress and work through the classes at your own pace.

    The courses are continuously updated as TARGIT updates are rolled out.

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