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Download and Install TARGIT Decision Suite

With an installed trial version of TARGIT, you can recreate all examples and exercises in this eLearning portal.

Welcome to TARGIT eLearning

A brief introduction to TARGIT’s eLearning portal. What is it, and how to navigate it.

Quick Tutorial

For the impatient: How to create your first dashboard in less than 15 minutes.

TARGIT Fundamentals

The starting point for anyone needing to know TARGIT in depth. Working as a Dashboard Designer in the end-user client.

TARGIT Report Designer

Learn the differences between dashboard design and report design. Schedule reports for automated distribution.

TARGIT Visualization Wizard

Improve end-user adoption through stunning visual data presentations and user-friendly navigation options.

TARGIT Calculations Expert

The ins and outs of the TARGIT calculation syntax. “sum(d-1, 0, m1) …huh?”

TARGIT Data Discoverer

As a TARGIT Data Discoverer, you can upload your data for ad-hoc analysis right here and right now.

TARGIT Anywhere

The light-weight, browser-based client of the TARGIT Decision Suite. For consumer users.


TARGIT’s own blistering fast data warehouse solution. Back-end ETL and data dodelling.

TARGIT Administrator

For TARGIT Administrators: Back-end configuration and administration of the TARGIT server.

News in TARGIT

The “News” modules in the eLearning portal contain to-the-point updates about the latest features in TARGIT Decision Suite.

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