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Less than 20% of knowledge workers utilize BI or Analytics regularly. Increase that number significantly, simply by using the many deployment options of TARGIT.

Where All Come together


Fully-fledged client that allows you to build and maintain your solution right from your computer.


Create companywide awareness on key initiatives or bring insights to people by bringing TARGIT to monitors across the organization.


Native clients for both iOS and android allows for access to the full analytics environment in a format designed for mobile comsumption.


Adding context-aware reports inside your portal, or other business applications is an effective way of serving the right insights when people need it.


A lightweight mobile client that allows everyone with a browser and internet connection to gain real-time access to the data they need.


 Send classic PDF reports to people
- in and outside your organization.


Strengthen Your Network

Creating a portal or web solution to share data with your customers, partners, and vendors will bring value to your entire ecosystem. Create your own ecosystem with offerings for both the private and public sectors.

The Many Benefits of
Embedded BI

Access all the power of TARGIT you already depend on inside the applications you currently use the most.

Company Portal

Display your company’s most influental metrics in interactive dashboards, analyses, and reports within the company portal, creating a one-stop-shop for all your internal needs.

Business Applications

Insert TARGIT inside your various business applications as ERP and CRM system and give users the data they need to make decisions without having to click through applications.

Your Brand. Our Platform.

TARGIT allows other ISV’s and companies to produce data products to leverage the full power of our platform by embedding right into your solution.

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