for car dealerships and workshops

Reporting for Automotive Dealerships

Simplify reporting and get a complete picture of your dealership operations with TARGIT’s all-in-one reporting solution. 



Discover a New Way to Manage Your Dealership Operations

Measure performance, identify trends, and improve results with our powerful, all-in-one reporting solution for car dealers.

Unlock Impactful Insights for Every Department

Sales and Stock 

Enable your sales team to monitor pipeline, sales volume, bonuses provisioned and received, profit margins, and their progress toward shared goals. Plus, track new and used vehicle inventory and use historical data to make informed decisions about which cars to stock.  

Workshop and Warehouse

Keep track of all work orders, including order statuses, days in progress, and technicians’ billable hours. Use automated reports to monitor efficiency, manage parts inventory, and ensure your workshop is always staffed to meet demand.


Combine data from the sales and service department, your ERP tool, and all other business systems to create a comprehensive view of your dealership’s financial performance. Chase payables, keep track of receivables, and create a single source of truth in a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to understand and act on your results. 

Operations Management

Get unparalleled insight into your dealership’s operations with digestible overviews that give business leaders a clear, complete picture. Zoom out to evaluate overall performance or drill down into the details to uncover the why behind specific metrics or areas of concern.

Multiple Dealership Locations

Monitor performance and compare trends between locations by combining data from multiple DMSs in a single shared view. With TARGIT, you can give store managers access to just their own data, district managers access to regional data, and stakeholders access to the big picture.

Don't Take Our Word for It.

Learn Why The Customers Love TARGIT.

Jean-Michel Martin_Logo 2-1

The Jean-Michel Martin Group used to rely solely on accounting data to generate reports. However, as gross profit margin began to decline, they needed a way to analyze all of the factors affecting profitability. Now, TARGIT enables them to proactively improve financial performance. 


Luxury auto dealer Garage Louyet needed to centralize reporting across 25 locations and make data accessible to over 500 employees. Today, they use our all-in-one solution to track KPIs by the department and connect employees to powerful decision-making insights.

Didi Motors logo

Didi Motors searched for a reporting solution that could give managers a global overview of all locations. Today, they use TARGIT to measure department-level performance, improve efficiency,  and give managers near real-time visibility into each location's operations. 

You win much time using TARGIT since you don’t have to do the processes manually, over and over again. Before TARGIT, we spent one week per month handling DMS data.
- Rik Van De Velde, Finance Director at Valckenier Groep