All Data in One Place

Every system that supports organizational processes generates and stores valuable company data.

TARGIT integrates data from those systems and delivers the entire picture of your company, your processes, and your world.

Analyze All Your Data


TARGIT Decision Suite seamlessly connects with any data source. Connect to your databases, operational systems, external data, and IoT devices. We offer easy data mashup for the tech-savvy business user and complex ETL script developed by seasoned BI professionals.

ETL Studio

ETL studio allows IT professionals to connect to all the data sources and build complex business logic into the transformation process through an SQL interface.

Data Discovery

 Easily connect to a long range of familiar data sources and combine them through an easy drag and drop interface.

Blistering Fast Speeds with InMemory


TARGIT’s InMemory database allows for high performance at scale. Purpose-built to work with our front-end, for both rapid implementation and super-fast response times no matter how much data you have.

TARGIT and Actimo’s integrated solution centralizes all of our performance and employee data in one place.
- Anders Thygesen, CFO at Babysam