BI for Equipment Rental

Report on rental financial utilization rate, time utilization, and more with TARGIT's business intelligence (BI) solution for rental operations. 

Get Up-to-Date Insight Into Your Rental Business

Track every aspect of your operations 24/7 for an accurate and in-sync overview. With TARGIT, you can automatically generate reports to track critical key performance indicators (KPIs) in your rental department and other business areas.
Track time when the fleet is rented, when it’s not, and when it’s in for repair or maintenance. Your fleet is always on — even when you are off. 
"Today, we are capturing 10% more deals if we meet our used KPIs, and I would never have known that without TARGIT."

David Scott

Director of corporate operations at Butler Machinery

"TARGIT has given us the ability to distribute reports to managers automatically. It takes the middleman out of the picture and enables them to make decisions daily to improve operations."

Chris Lucas

V.P./Data Processing Manager at TEC


"We currently have very high TARGIT utilization rates. This lets us know right off the bat that we are competitive and high achieving.​"

John Willis

Manager at Kelly Tractor

"With the ability to integrate automated alerts and user-specific view and edit permissions, we are able to manage our business without the need to be glued to a screen all day long."

Bryce Puckett

General Manager of Rentals at Kirby-Smith

    Improve Your Rental Financial Utilization Rate

    If rental revenue is a core part of your business, use TARGIT to measure and improve the factors that affect your rental financial utilization rate.

    Rental Equipment Age

    Use TARGIT's automated reports to account for the costs associated with maintaining your rental equipment as it ages, as well as how those expenses relate to replacement costs. Then, use your results to determine when it's time to upgrade your fleet. 

    Rental Rate Trends

    The better you know the market, the more likely you are to get ahead of your competitors. Use TARGIT's all-in-one BI platform to benchmark rental rates against your competitors and industry best practices, then start analyzing trends to ensure you understand the market. 

    Changes in Customer Demands

    Consolidate market data and historical sales data inside of TARGIT to get a complete view of your customers. That way, you'll stay up-to-date with industry trends and ensure your inventory always includes the products your customers demand.

    Global Economic Factors

    Track what’s going on outside of your dealership with TARGIT's multi-source integration capabilities. Analyze how economic trends and shifts in consumer behaviors tie back to your business so you can pivot to keep up with the latest changes. 

    Available Government Data

    Monitor and measure government-sourced and other public information, and cross-reference these external data points with your own operational data. Use your findings to identify available resources, expand your business, and ensure equipment is available for future projects.

    Competitor Insights

    Evaluate your competitors and whether or not they pose a threat to your heavy equipment business. What are their rental rates? How much equipment do they have in stock? Use TARGIT to study data from competitive analyses and market reports so you can keep a pulse on the competition.

    The Top KPIs for Your Equipment Rental Business

    This guide walks you through all of the most important KPIs for equipment dealers and comes complete with example dashboards and reports that can be used to improve your business.
    TARGIT has enabled us to easily pinpoint areas of weakness and increase ROI.
    - Katherine Kelly, Manager and Owner, Kelly Tractor Co.