Environmental. Social. Governance.

ESG Initiatives at TARGIT

At TARGIT social and environmental responsibility go hand-in-hand with our people-first company culture.

And we believe that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Ongoing ESG Initiatives  

TARGIT's ESG initiatives are designed to highlight our dedication to addressing environmental challenges and promoting social inclusivity.
We recognize that individual contributions are essential to the success of ESG initiatives, and we encourage all employees to take part in current and future projects 
What's more, customers can use our software support and advance their ESG initiatives. We continually share examples within our customer base to inspire change and spark new ideas. 


Environmental Initiatives

Eco-Friendly Workplace & Customer Resources

Our hybrid work options allow employees to work for TARGIT from anywhere — no commute required! We also offer online eLearning courses to provide training to TARGIT users worldwide in a flexible, eco-friendly format.  

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

We audited our Aalborg office to find opportunities to reduce power consumption. As a result, lights now turn on when someone passes by a sensor and only stay on for 15 minutes. Similar energy-saving measures have been implemented where applicable.

Waste Sorting

We have equipped the canteen and other communal areas in our Aalborg office with color-coded bins that allow for the proper sorting of waste and recyclables.  

Reduction of Food Waste

Our team in Aalborg takes home leftover food from catered in-office lunches and other social events, resulting in a significant reduction of unnecessary food waste.

Social Initiatives

Inclusive Hiring Practices

Our Human Resources team actively works to attract more women to the organization through ongoing recruiting efforts and networking. Every job posting we publish includes a statement of inclusivity that encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply.

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Onboarding and Culture
We recently implemented a new Onboarding Program centered around equity and inclusion to ensure that all new employees, regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, or ethnicity, receive a warm welcome and internal support.
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Every year, TARGIT donates to three charitable organizations, which are chosen by a committee of employees. This committee changes each year, giving all employees the opportunity to support a charity they are passionate about.
Previously, we have supported the Danish Cancer Society, ICRC, IFRC, Save the Children, and various other humanitarian organizations worldwide. 
Employee Wellness
TARGIT invests in employee well-being by offering comprehensive health benefits, in-office wellness activities, and company-sponsored staff events throughout the year.
We also regularly send out employee surveys so team members can share feedback with management on collaboration, leadership, and various drivers of our company values and culture.