Action-driven analytics for airports

On-Demand Webinar

Get ready for take off with analytics

TARGIT Airport Analytics has the ability to cater a range of business analytics disciplines all the way from distributed reports up to real time analytics and data driven alerts sent to mobile devices.

In this webinar, see how TARGIT Airport Analytics demo portal can reveal the unique Enterprise overview for Airport decision makers driving a better passenger experience and increasing non-aeronautical revenues.

You'll hear from

Mikkel Oldenburg

Mikkel Oldenburg

Business Development Executive at TARGIT

After the webinar, you'll have more insights in

  1. The latest trends in the power between business analytics and the airport industry
  2. How TARGIT Airport Analytics can help airports make better, faster data-driven decisions
  3. Dashboard examples that are easily understandable to show the data you need  when you need it.

Originally published February 14, 2020. Updated February 21, 2024