Curit Adds Value to Their IFS Offering Through TARGIT’s BI Accelerator

About the company

Curit is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultancy specializing in IFS. Founded in 2003 by former IFS employees, Curit is now the leading IFS consultancy in Denmark. As an experienced and trusted Gold Channel Partner, Curit provides a full suite of services and boasts a strong customer profile that includes Mekoprint A/S, GateHouse, Majland, and Novenco Building & Industry A/S, among others.

Their Challenges
  • Curit lacked a modern platform that would make IFS data more accessible for their complex customer needs.

  • They wanted to add more value to their powerful solution and provide a better experience for their customers.

  • They wanted to be more competitive in their offerings.

How we helped
  • Now, Curit’s customers have the possibility to access comprehensive dashboards on strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

  • Partnered with Curit to deliver a bundled Business Intelligence (BI) solution that customers can implement with fewer risks and lower technical investments.

  • Gave Curit a competitive advantage against other software vendors with a full scope solution that delivers customer value quickly and effectively.

  • Responded to market demand with a solution that allows Curit to deliver a broader portfolio of products to their customers.
We can now offer our customers a high-value BI solution that leverages the power of TARGIT and IFS together. I know both platforms well and believe there is great value in combining the two.
- Brian Sandfeld, Consultant, Curit

A Marriage of Two Systems


An organization’s data management system is key to handling its business. But even with a robust database, they’ll need a powerful BI tool to extract the full value of their data. Depending on which operating systems they use, companies may need a specialized or even custom BI solution to extract, analyze and utilize their data even more. This is especially true for organizations with complex network data, like those that use IFS.

Curit was looking for a value-driven BI solution to help its customers access and analyze data from IFS quickly and easily. This is where TARGIT brought in expertise to help.

By working with Curit to develop a pre-built BI solution, TARGIT enabled the consultancy to:

  • Deliver a highly competitive IFS offering

  • Respond to customer demand

  • Increase revenue and potentially decrease customer churn

Brian Sandfeld was a customer of Curit for ten years before coming to work as a consultant for the company. “We have all this functionality, but we needed a better instrument to work with the data and make it more accessible to our customers,” Sandfeld says. Knowing the system of IFS inside and out, he knew getting a BI solution implemented would change the way Curit delivered data to consumers and received feedback.


Rethinking IFS Reporting

Thanks to the accelerator, Curit’s customers now use TARGIT in various ways, both on a day-to-day basis and a quarterly scale. Operationally, sales and distribution representatives leverage TARGIT’s integrated BI system to review orders and manage an overview of deliveries.

“The more complex flow our customers have, the harder it is for them to access their data without a BI solution. TARGIT enables us to provide our customers with a comprehensive BI solution for IFS that gives them in-depth data insights and improves visibility.”

— Peter E. Bering, Partner at Curit

By implementing an all-in-one BI solution, Curit’s customers can monitor weekly reports and streamline communications to leadership. Managers and stakeholders can also use TARGIT to monitor how well their company is hitting its internal goals and KPIs. “With TARGIT as Curit’s partner, management will be able to pull out relevant information much easier than they have before,” Sandfeld says.



A Whole New World Of Data

On its own, IFS includes built-in databases but focuses more on operational functionality than accessibility and strategic data analysis. Thanks to TARGIT’s accelerator, Curit’s customers can leverage a single, pre-built solution that enables quick, cost-effective BI implementation and allows their team to increase visibility across multiple systems.

But Curit’s partnership with TARGIT goes so much deeper than providing a BI and analytics solution. Building long-term relationships with customers is a pillar of Curit’s business practice—one that they share with TARGIT. “We wish to create a close relationship with the customers, where they can talk directly to us, should they experience any problems,” Sandfeld says.

TARGIT’s specialized solution lets Curit take the initiative for creating internal growth as well. Because of TARGIT’s responsiveness and holistic approach to their customer relationships, their team provides feedback to help the Curit team optimize their BI offerings and find solutions to problems that may arise down the road.


Expanding Internal Perspective

Growth is on the horizon for Curit. Most current customers consistently ask for a complete solution, and thanks to TARGIT, this is now something that Curit can offer.

With a large number of customers in the pipeline, Curit is constantly changing and evolving to provide for its new customers.

Originally published January 31, 2022. Updated February 23, 2024