Deep Dive into TARGIT InMemory

On-Demand Webinar

Get the Full Force of TARGIT InMemory

Are you currently deploying TARGIT InMemory or planning to do so in the near future? This is your chance to hear from Boe Pedersen, an expert in deploying TARGIT inMemory for over 100 customers.

Join this session to have a look under the hood on how to develop the TARGIT Business Intelligence Accelerator (BIA) solution using TARGIT ETL and InMemory Datamodel toolsets.

Pedersen will take you through some of the basic structures of our out-of-the-box solution BIA solution and some examples of commonly requested extensions to it.

Finally, get some inspiration on techniques on how to optimize performance and memory consumptions of your TARGIT InMemory solution.

You'll Hear From

Boe Pedersen

Boe Pedersen

Director Professional Services, TARGIT
Originally published April 2, 2021. Updated June 29, 2023