How Dechra Unlocked the Power of Embedded BI with TARGIT + Salesforce

On-Demand Webinar

Hear How Dechra Veterinary Products Put BI in the Hands of Its Business Users

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Follow along as Steen Gøbel shares Dechra Veterinary Products' experience integrating their TARGIT instance with Salesforce. You’ll hear about why they chose to embed TARGIT, through a custom integration they developed, and how these embedded dashboards support their Sales team and other departments.

Learn How to Extend the Value of Your BI Solution with Embedding

Next, take a deep dive into embedding with our Senior Solution Architect, Jesper da Silva Endelt. He’ll discuss the value of embedding, walk through our Salesforce app, and highlight our collaboration with other partners to embed TARGIT into the systems your teams use every day.

Join us to learn how to embed TARGIT Decision Suite into Salesforce and other systems, complete with custom embedded dashboards that centralize your entire data ecosystem.

You'll Hear from

Steen Gøbel

Steen Gøbel

Business Intelligence Analyst, Dechra Veterinary Products
Jesper da Silva Endelt

Jesper da Silva Endelt

Senior Solution Architect, TARGIT
Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Michael Hyldgaard Andersen

Sales Manager, TARGIT


→ Welcome + Introductions

→ Dechra Veterinary Products' BI journey with TARGIT + Salesforce

→ Introduction to embedded BI and analytics

→ Walkthrough of TARGIT’s Salesforce application

→ Your possibilities for embedding TARGIT dashboards into other external systems

→ Q&A

→ And more!

Originally published April 26, 2022. Updated September 15, 2023