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A New Way to Measure Sales Performance

Put powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities in the hands of your business users by integrating TARGIT with your Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Users can access TARGIT dashboards right from Salesforce rather than switching between applications or maintaining multiple datasets.    


TARGIT’s integration enables seamless, two-way connectivity between Decision Suite and Salesforce, so everyone is always working from the same information — and your sales teams can easily integrate BI into their day-to-day workflows.

Combine data from Salesforce and other sources into a single view, so you can better manage leads, opportunities, and sales. With TARGIT’s Salesforce integration, you can easily:  

  • Flow data from Salesforce directly into your TARGIT data warehouse 
  • Embed TARGIT dashboards inside of Salesforce for easy, centralized access and analysis 
  • Simplify data management and provide your teams with a single source of truth 
Embedding TARGIT into Salesforce has helped us simplify data management, improve data accuracy, and increase data accessibility. Now, we only need to maintain one solution and one set of dashboards versus two separate solutions and unique datasets.
- Steen Gøbel, BI Analyst, Dechra 

How Dechra Unlocked the Power of Embedded BI With TARGIT + Salesforce

Explore the details of Dechra's
Salesforce + TARGIT implementation.
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