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This is Business Intelligence & Analytics for All

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It’s helping companies perform better by enabling more and faster data-driven decisions throughout the entire organization. It’s empowering people with insight. This is the enterprise solution that actually works for everyone.

We'll help you empower your entire enterprise

Our unique approach to self-service BI & analytics guides you every step of the way on the journey to becoming a data-driven organization.


All data,
one decision platform

TARGIT® Decision Suite is the BI and analytics solution for companies looking for a single enterprise platform for comprehensive business analysis across the company. Control the flow of knowledge with validated data and uncover new insight with powerful Data Discovery.

This is more than software.

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BI & Analytics for Every Team

Thousands of Customers Worldwide

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Press / Customer Wins

REMA 1000 & TARGIT Expand Partnership

TARGIT Decision Suite is helping REMA 1000 become even more data-driven by ensuring insight from CEO to merchant.

Blog / 2019 Preview

Sneak Preview: TARGIT Decision Suite 2019

The TARGIT office always seems to take on some extra energy this time of year as we get closer and closer to the launch of our latest version of TARGIT Decision Suite. This year I am thrilled with the progress we have made, the capabilities we have improved, and the new features we have added to make data analysis and reporting easier than ever and more accessible to our end users.

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