CalmCo Is Now TARGIT Automotive

Originally published January 1, 2024. Updated May 21, 2024

Aalborg, Denmark — TARGIT, a leading business intelligence (BI) software provider for small to mid-sized enterprises, announced its full integration of subsidiary company, CalmCo. 

CalmCo has become the international Automotive Center of Excellence in TARGIT and will be led by Wim Cos.   

In June 2022, CalmCo joined forces with TARGIT, with the ambition to accelerate their Analytics business within the Automotive industry. This valuable partnership allowed CalmCo to enhance its product offering, expand its reach, and ensure it delivered the best possible service to customers worldwide. Now, CalmCo and TARGIT announce that they have completed the integration of the companies 

As of January 1, 2024, CalmCo officially transitioned to the name TARGIT Automotive*.  

The organization that automotive dealers have come to trust as CalmCo will continue its existence, now operating under the banner of TARGIT through a newly established Automotive Center of Excellence. This transition marks an exciting upgrade in both CalmCo’s identity and offerings.  

“Rebranding our business as a part of TARGIT will strengthen our reputation and enable us to enhance our services for current customers while expanding to new markets and geographies. We are excited to see how our automotive solutions will continue to evolve as part of a larger, more global organization.” 

- Luc Cos, President of TARGIT Automotive (CalmCo) 

For 15 years now, CalmCo has been helping over 300 automotive dealer sites across Europe to become data-driven through their services Business Scan Automotive and Business Intelligence as a Service. The company has always focused on providing customers with actionable insights, specialized reporting solutions, and top-tier services at every step of their journey to improve business performance.   

“CalmCo’s work in the automotive industry seamlessly supports our strategy of working with customers in specific industries across Europe and North America. We are excited to integrate CalmCo into the TARGIT brand and organization through which we can continue offering intuitive, out-of-the-box analytics solutions that car dealers can implement quickly and effectively across their operations.”   

- Jakob H. Kraglund, CEO of TARGIT

Moving forward, CalmCo customers still have access to the team and solutions they know and love. They will not only benefit from TARGIT’s product updates and releases but also can access new resources and solutions through the international Automotive Center of Excellence.  



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* the legal entity CALM-Co b.v. with number BE 0811.080.445 is named TARGIT b.v. as of January 1, 2024. 

Originally published June 30, 2022. Updated May 21, 2024