The Newest Version of TARGIT Is Here

2023 Edition

With a revamped core, new features and enhanced responsiveness, our latest release boosts performance and scalability in any environment.


Agile. Scalable. Always up to Date.

We built the newest version of our business intelligence (BI) solution with a strategic focus on agility, speed, and scalable features that will grow with your BI operations and allow you to migrate to the cloud with the exact same version of TARGIT.

Enhance Data Tables With Images in Crosstabs

Bring your data to life with relevant images and icons. 

You can now insert images - like product photos, employee headshots, or map icons - directly in crosstabs and right alongside the rest of your dimension member information.

Learn more about this feature on TARGIT Community and see it in action at our upcoming 2023 release webinar.

Seamless Data Empowerment

The new version of TARGIT Decision Suite allows you to: 



Enable seamless data handling and responsiveness, thanks to cloud-enabled features that continually work behind the scenes to match the pace of your operations.  


Futureproof your BI operations with a solution that delivers the exact same capabilities on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. 


Integrate TARGIT with other cloud services to increase data exchange, promote collaboration, and strengthen your organization’s business ecosystem.  


Enjoy enhanced performance in the TARGIT Anywhere client, where users can unlock the full power of TARGIT through a web browser.  


Preview Our Plans for Future Releases


Our product roadmap includes an array of updates, bug fixes, and new features designed to help you extract even more value from your data. Here are just a few of the features we have planned for upcoming Decision Suite releases:  


Connect independent data sources in the front end of TARGIT for fast, multi-source data analysis.


Use a specific group of items as a filter to reveal relevant information inside your TARGIT solution.