What's New in TARGIT? Explore Our Latest Feature Updates

Originally published January 11, 2024. Updated July 18, 2024

We are committed to continuously enhancing TARGIT Decision Suite with new features and updates that help you unlock decision-leading insights across your organization.  

As part of that commitment, we have implemented a “stateless” architecture that enables continuous deployment across our solution. This allows us to release new features and updates quickly and with minimal disruption to our customers’ TARGIT environments.  

We have released several brand new features since our most recent product release in August 2023, and we have many more exciting updates planned for 2024.  

Keep reading to get an in-depth look at the new features we added to TARGIT in Q4 of 2023. 

TARGIT Decision Suite’s Newest Features


Mashup Dimensions

Streamline Multi-Source Data Analysis With Global Dimensions 

Cloud Release: Nov. 16 | On-Prem Release: Nov. 23 


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Most TARGIT solutions include a combination of cubes and databases, each with its own separate implementation of a standard set of dimension members. Aligning and reimplementing these dimensions as shared dimensions across cubes within a single database or across databases is typically a costly and complicated task.  

The Mashup Dimensions feature allows Designers to create global dimensions without an expensive, time-consuming reimplementation project. Instead, they can seamlessly join dimensions across cubes and databases and then set global criteria across different connections and cubes within TARGIT.  

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Filter Delegates

Apply Dimension-Based Filters to Uncover Contextual Data  

Cloud Release: Nov. 16 | On-Prem Release: Nov. 23


Analysts often need to isolate a subset of data based on a specific filter. Then, they may wish to use that subset of filtered data, known as dimension members, to analyze activities related directly to these members.  

With our new Filter Delegates feature, users can tell any object in TARGIT to delegate (replace) a drill to a specific dimension within a given data set, creating a subset of dimension members that are then automatically applied as a filter to all other objects. This is particularly useful for performing a basket analysis or gathering contextual data about a certain dimension. 

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Named Colors

Designate a Custom Color Palette for Reports and Dashboards 

Cloud Release: Nov. 30 | On-Prem Release: Dec. 12



The Named Colors feature allows Designers to assign any color they use in TARGIT as a ‘Named Color' and add it to a shared list of colors for all Designer users. This list of colors will be available to Designers anytime they work in TARGIT, so they can create on-brand dashboards and reports with recognizable color schemes.  

Named Colors also allows for central administration of your color schemes: When changing the properties of a Named Color, it will have a platform-wide effect on all documents using the Named Color. 

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See All the Exciting Features Included in This Release

Watch our on-demand webinar for a deep dive into all the exciting features and updates we added to TARGIT as part of this release.



Slicer Objects 

Add Visual Filters Directly Beside Your Data Objects  

Cloud Release: Nov. 30 | On-Prem Release: Dec. 12


The Slicer Objects feature simplifies the slicing, sorting, and filtering of data within TARGIT by providing users with visual filters directly on top of a report or dashboard.  

It’s especially useful in portal solutions as it enables further analysis right on the report screen through dropdowns, lists, and search functionality. To some extent, it removes the need for the current criteria bar in a dashboard design to achieve the desired filtering functionality. 

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Prioritized Scheduled Jobs

Ensure Your Most Critical Jobs Are Completed First 

Cloud Release: Dec. 11 | On-Prem Release: Dec. 12


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With the new Prioritized Scheduled Jobs feature, you can set a priority for all scheduled jobs inside TARGIT, especially those set to run at the exact same time.  

Set extremely time-sensitive jobs to “Critical” or “High” priority, relatively time-sensitive ones to the default “Medium” priority, and more flexible jobs to “Low” priority, ensuring your most important scheduled jobs run first. Then, see an overview of each job’s priority level using the new Priority column in the Scheduled Jobs list.  

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Get a Sneak Peek at Upcoming Feature Releases

We have a variety of new features on our product roadmap, each focused on helping you extract decision-leading insights from your TARGIT solution while increasing user adoption, enhancing data quality, and scaling your business intelligence operations.  

Take a look at some of the new features we have in store for 2024:  

Visit our community page to explore the full list of feature releases, including on-premises release dates and download information. Or visit the Download Center to access the latest release.  
Feel free to report bugs in the TARGIT Support System and share feature requests or ideas at TARGIT Community. 

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Originally published January 11, 2024. Updated July 18, 2024