Novenco Informs Strategic Decision-Making with TARGIT’s Reporting Platform

About the company

Novenco A/S is a world leader in industrial fan systems. Established in Denmark in 1947, Novenco Building & Industry employs over 200 people and maintains a partner network across 26 countries worldwide. Novenco’s ventilation products enable greener operations across sectors and construction projects, from car parks and tunnels to industrial data centers

Their Challenges
  • Novenco needed a way to generate high-value reports in a timely manner to inform decision-making when they first chose TARGIT decades ago.

  • Back then, they also needed to pull data from their legacy ERP and other systems automatically.

  • Finally, Novenco was looking for a BI tool that could grow with their company without requiring complex updates or new implementations.

How we helped
  • Provided an easy-to-use interface so teams could analyze data and make decisions promptly.

  • Created multi-source reports that automatically extract data from data cubes (via Timextender) based on Novenco's ERP and other legacy systems. 

  • Gave Novenco the ability to schedule auto-generated batch reports with individual distribution.

  • Helped Novenco develop dashboard KPI information for different departments distributed to electronic information boards across the company.
  • Now, TARGIT also offers a pre-built, scalable BI infrastructure to support Novenco's migration to the IFS ERP.
TARGIT gives us the power to make data-driven business decisions autonomously. Rather than relying on a consultant or outside partner, we can extract data and use it to initiate change or to pivot our strategic initiatives right away.
- Søren Jacobsen, Manager Business Transformation & IT, Novenco

Streamlining Reporting and Analysis


Novenco manufactures high-quality industrial fans designed for efficiency and longevity. Teams invest time into familiarizing themselves with their customers' use cases and applications so that they can deliver turnkey products across various markets and industries.

Novenco relies on multiple sets of data reports and analyses at every level of their organization to effectively evaluate consumer needs, product information, and market conditions. Decades ago, they chose TARGIT Decision Suite due to its ability to quickly and accurately extract insights, so leadership teams could easily analyze critical data points within the decision window.

Jacobsen’s team uses TARGIT to describe and define KPIs alongside the larger organization. Then, they develop and maintain analyzes and reports for various departments. Since most TARGIT users at Novenco rely on data to make decisions, they use the BI platform to distribute reports efficiently and ensure everyone has access to the right information at the right time.

Novenco has also relied on TARGIT in conjunction with TimeXtender to generate Extract, Transact, Load (ETL) from translate source data into the creation of cubes. TimeXtender is currently Novenco’s defacto backend in their BI solution, and TARGIT is the user interface that makes drilling and analyses possible.

TARGIT’s easy-to-use platform also gives the business users direct access to insights or dashboards, enabling organization-wide data analysis.


Giving Teams Real-Time Data Access

Novenco’s IT department has been using TARGIT for close to 15 years to align with manufacturing teams on KPIs and ensure comprehensive data reporting and analysis on critical initiatives.

With TARGIT, they can automatically extract data from multiple sources and filter it through various reporting cubes to give teams quick, easy access to data. TARGIT’s scalable infrastructure also makes it easier for the IT department to maintain and operate the BI backend and frontend over time.

Novenco uses TARGIT to research historic distribution trends on specific markets and explore pole numbers, the size of the motor, the frequency the power rates, etc. These insights help them standardize products based on typical applications.

Jacobsen explains how TARGIT helps Novenco leverage data for more than operational improvements. "TARGIT helps make data-driven post-operational decisions every day to inform tactical and strategic initiatives."

Teams use TARGIT to drill down into detailed information, identify concerns, and determine a post-operational strategy for refinement. For example, Jacobsen's team will extract a report of every customized motor sold in the last three years and find feature overlaps. From there, they add a new standard motor to their regular inventory to streamline production and reduce expenses.

Jacobsen explains how this scenario impacts Novenco's bottom line, "Thanks to these reports, we've evolved from producing 90% custom items to about 70% standard items. These changes have significantly helped our customers since it's much easier to order a standard product than to request a custom one."

Across teams, TARGIT enables Novenco to operate and make improvements independently. Jacobsen explains, "I think the greatest benefit of TARGIT is that it allows us to make changes ourselves."


Planning for the Future

TARGIT and Novenco's longstanding business partnership is continually evolving, especially as Novenco begins upgrading its systems and tools.

They've already purchased TARGIT's BI accelerator for their new IFS ERP. Jacobsen explains that this proactive approach will give their organization a headstart when the new ERP is introduced.

"TARGIT's new pre-built cubes for IFS will give us the ability to implement our new solution and associated reporting structure in weeks instead of months, delivering faster ROI than if we were to build our BI infrastructure from scratch."

TARGIT’s easy-to-use interface and longstanding role in Novenco’s BI processes will help leadership teams quickly and effectively roll out the new solution for IFS.

This headstart is critical for the go-live. It will allow Novenco to efficiently onboard their new platform and develop new procedures that align with IFS capabilities and TARGIT's unique, pre-defined solution.

Jacobsen and his team hope that the combined benefits of both systems, along with Novenco's collaborative partnership with TARGIT, will continue to change business operations for the better and bring various teams even closer to high-value data insights.

Originally published March 4, 2022. Updated February 23, 2024