Get Started with TARGIT Portal - Part 1

the targit portal

This is part one of a four-part series of webinars where we take a deep dive into all aspects of planning, building, and maintaining a TARGIT portal with actionable knowledge for your company.

Sign up today to learn: 

  • What is a TARGIT portal exactly and why should you even build one?
  • How to get started on: 
    • Implementing fonts, colors, and general look and feel
    • Choosing different levels of detail to support in the portal
    • Setting up templates for dashboards and reports
    • Choosing layouts to accommodate users across platforms

Date: Wednesday, August 21

Time: 14:30 p.m. CEST / 8:30 a.m. EST


  • Peter Høgenhaug, Digital Experience Manager
  • Niels Thomsen, Solution Architect

   Be on the look-out for the remaining parts of this four-part webinar series on how to get started with TARGIT Portal. Here is a sneak peek of the agendas for each webinar: 

Part 2 webinar –  Making TARGIT Portal as user-friendly and appealing as possible

Learn how to:

  • Use text boxes to support the story and provide the context dynamically
  • Utilize titles, labels and tool tips that are informative, consistent and to the point
  • Offer measure selector(s) for flexibility
  • Let required criteria tell the users what to do
  • Go with slicers and/or dropdowns when further flexibility is needed

Part 3 webinar – Send the message/tell the story

 Get the message across:
  • Let KPIs convey the high-level messages
  • Decide on which visualizations should be used for specific purposes
  • Use groupings to support storytelling
  • Let color agents pinpoint what needs action
  • Consider visibility agents and/or top lists to focus on outliers

Part 4 webinar – Put it all together

 Put the parts together:
  • Use navigation as menus or drill-down options
  • Offer documentation (internal and external) as standard
  • Set up roles to assign different landing pages in the portal for each user group
  • Allow or deny access to certain parts of the portal using the menu/roles integration in TARGIT


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